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Leslie Davis is proud to support CLIC Sargent, the UK's leading charity for children and young people with cancer, and their families.

Every day, 10 children and young people in the UK hear the shocking news they have cancer. Treatment normally starts immediately, is often given many miles from home and can last for up to three years. Being diagnosed with cancer is a frightening experience and the emotional, practical and financial implications of treatment are intensely challenging for the whole family.

CLIC Sargent provides clinical, practical, financial and emotional support to help them cope with cancer and get the most out of life. We are there from diagnosis onwards and aim to help the whole family deal with the impact of cancer and its treatment, life after treatment and, in some cases, bereavement.

CLIC Sargent recognises that every child or young person with cancer has a difference experience. Our aim is to help ensure that the whole family receives the support that works for them best, by providing:

We also campaign and influence others to raise awareness of the needs of children and young people with cancer and to improve the support they and their families receive.

Iconic to the fundraising of Leslie Davis is Rufus, the CLIC Sargent Puppy, which is sold in stores nationwide.

Rufus, the CLIC Sargent Puppy, was inspired by the Hickman Line teddy bear that CLIC Sargent Play Specialists use to help children understand the treatment they might need to have for cancer. CLIC Sargent Play Specialists might use toys or models to explain the different types of treatment to help a child reduce any worries they might have.

For every Rufus, the CLIC Sargent Puppy, bought in Leslie Davis stores all profits will be donated to CLIC Sargent. The sale of five Rufus the Puppies could pay for one hour of a CLIC Sargent Play Specialist's time to help children prepare for and cope with treatment.

For more information on CLIC Sargent visit www.clicsargent.org.uk

Services we offer: